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Date Title Introduction
09/02/07 Orange Order Meets Secretary Of State A senior delegation from the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland has met the Secretary of State, Peter Hain, to discuss concerns within the Order and the wider Protestant community.
26/01/07 Irish Government Officials Visit Orange Headquarters Representatives of the Republic of Ireland Government have visited the headquarters of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland at Schomberg House in East Belfast.
27/11/06 Orange Delegation Visit Battle Of Boyne Site An Orange Order delegation has visited the Battle of the Boyne site near Drogheda to be given an update on the multi-million pound project being undertaken by the Irish Government.
23/06/06 Orange Order Calls For Calm And Common Sense At Whiterock Parade Members of the Orange Order’s Belfast No 9 District voted overwhelmingly last night to accept a recommendation from senior officers that only a token number of up to 50 Orangemen should walk through the Workman Avenue security gates on to the Springfield Road during tomorrow’s Whiterock Parade.
22/06/06 Orangemen To Meet To Discuss Whiterock Recommendation Senior officers of the Orange Order’s Belfast No9 District who are organising this Saturday’s Whiterock Parade in West Belfast are recommending a reduction in the number of Orangemen who will walk through the Workman Avenue security gates on to the Springfield Road.
10/06/06 Attack On County Londonderry Orange Hall Condemned The Orange Order has condemned last night’s (9 June) attempted break-in at a Co. Londonderry Orange Hall which was only rebuilt two years ago after being badly damaged by vandals.
05/06/06 Loyal Orders Meet With Archbishop Sean Brady The joint Loyal Orders Working Group met today with Archbishop Sean Brady and other representatives of the Roman Catholic Church as part of its ongoing dialogue to explain why it believes the Parades Commission should be replaced by a more equitable system for regulating public events.
24/05/06 Loyal Orders Response to Sinn Fein The following statement was issued jointly today by the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland, the Royal Black Institution, and the Independent Loyal Orange Institution. “As leaders of the Loyal Orders we can confirm that recently each of us has received seperate letters from Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams MP.
03/05/06 Orange Order Meets With Irish Officials In Dublin The Orange Order held high level talks with representatives of the Irish Government today.
02/05/06 Loyal Orders Meet With SDLP A senior delegation from three of the Loyal Orders this afternoon held a groundbreaking talks with members of the nationalist SDLP.
04/04/06 Loyal Orders Meet Secretary Of State Over Parades Issue A delegation representing the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland, the Royal Black Institution and the Independent Loyal Orange Institution met today with the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Peter Hain MP, to discuss parading issues.
27/02/06 Orange Order Saddened By Tanaiste’s Remarks The Orange Order says it has been saddened by some of the comments made today by the Tanaiste (Irish Deputy Prime Minister) Mary Harney.
18/02/06 Discussion On Parades The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland met today to discuss parades policy.
17/02/06 Orange Stamp Of Approval Over Somme Plan The Orange Order has welcomed the news that the Republic of Ireland will officially mark the 90th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme through the issue of a special commemorative stamp.
17/02/06 Orange Order Warning On Human Rights For Protestants The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland has warned that Protestants, particularly those associated with the Orange Institution, often feel intimidated and undervalued in relation to their culture.
19/01/06 Order Says Victims Voice Must Be Heard The Orange Order said today it would encourage its members to attend the planned Victims Rally to be held in Dublin next month.
09/11/05 New Book Focuses On 304 Orangemen Murdered By The IRA Since 1969 Details of how some of the 300 Orangemen murdered by the IRA since 1969 met their deaths have been collected for the first time in a new book published this week in the run up to Remembrance Sunday.
28/10/05 Arson Attack On Whiterock Orange Hall “Designed To Provoke Protestants” The Orange Order believes an overnight arson attack on Whiterock Orange Hall was a deliberate attempt to stir up inter-community tensions in north and west Belfast.
09/10/05 Orange Order Bids For Place In Major Washington Festival The Orange Order will this week launch its bid to be featured in one of America’s most prestigious cultural festivals.
14/09/05 Grand Lodge response to Whiterock Parade The Grand Master speaking for the Grand Lodge stated he was saddened by the disturbances in Belfast at the weekend following the decision not to allow the Whiterock Parade along its traditional route.
10/09/05 PSNI Response to Nationist attacks on Orangemen “Pathetic & Scandalous” The County Grand Lodge of Belfast described the PSNI’s failure to stop nationalist attacks on Orangemen in the city this afternoon as scandalous.
10/09/05 Statement on Sir Hugh Orde The County Grand Lodge of Belfast and No. 9 District (West Belfast) issued the joint statement.
09/09/05 Belfast County statement on Whiterock parade The County Grand Lodge of Belfast outlined its support for No.9 District (West Belfast) in the City over the Whiterock parade
12/07/05 Illegal Dunloy Road Blockade “A New Low For Republican Sectarianism” The Orange Order has described an illegal protest by Sinn Fein/IRA activists which prevented 16 elderly Orangemen from driving to church to lay a wreath in the Co. Antrim village of Dunloy today as new low for the republican movement.
12/07/05 Grand Master Delighted With “Truly Glorious Twelfth” The Head of the Orange Order this evening spoke of his delight with what he called “a truly glorious, hugely well-attended and overwhelmingly peaceful Twelfth.”
07/07/05 MP To Lead Delegation To Discuss Threat To Lurgan Orangemen and Supporters Upper Bann Democratic Unionist MP David Simpson will lead an Orange Order delegation at a meeting with senior PSNI officers in Lurgan this evening to discuss what the Order has described as a serious threat to the personal safety of Orangemen and their supporters in the town on the Twelfth.
04/07/05 Alabama Orangemen Head For Tobermore A large contingent of Orangemen from the United States will again be taking part in the South Londonderry Twelfth this year.
01/07/05 Statement On Parade Meetings “We have been dismayed by recent reports in the media concerning the situation regarding parades in the City of Londonderry and West Belfast.
21/06/05 Whiterock Orangemen Call For Parade Determination Review Orangemen in north and west Belfast are to request a formal review of the Parades Commission’s decision to route this Saturday’s Whiterock Parade through the old Mackies factory site.
17/06/05 Orange Order Delighted At Climb Down By Parades Commission Over Forms The Orange Order says it is delighted at this afternoon’s humiliating climb down by the Parades Commission in the row over Lodges rather than individual Orangemen being listed as organisers on parade forms.
17/06/05 Orange Order Calls On Chief Constable To Come Clean Over Legal Advice On Parades The Orange Order today called on Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde to respond to claims that he has received legal advice stating that official parade notification forms listing an Orange Lodge as organisers are within the law.
14/06/05 Orange Order Complains To Police Ombudsman Over Intrusive Surveillance Orangemen in East Belfast have made an official complaint to the Police Ombudsman about what they describe as “intrusive surveillance and harassment” by the PSNI.
13/06/05 Concerns Expressed Over Funding Speaking at the unfurling of a banner at Dromore, Co Down, on Wednesday, 15 June 2005, Drew Nelson LLB, Grand Secretary of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland, accused the Rural Community Network of institutional discrimination against the Orange Order.
18/05/05 New Law Governing Parade Supporters “Half-Baked & Confrontational” The Orange Order today condemned new legislation that allows the Parades Commission to impose restrictions on parade supporters as a “half-baked and confrontational measure deliberately designed to further antagonise and marginalize the entire Unionist community of Northern Ireland. ”
17/02/05 “Cherish All Of The Children Of The Nation Equally” (except Protestants of course) It is with deep regret that the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland has decided to withdraw from an invitation to take part in the forthcoming St Patrick’s Day parade in Cork.
15/02/05 Twelfth Worth At Least £6.3 Million According To Orange Order Survey Orangemen and their supporters spent an estimated £6.3 million on The Twelfth last year, according to a survey published today by the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland.
03/02/05 Orange Order Warns Security Minister Over New Parading Powers Senior Orangemen, led by Grand Master Robert Saulters, this afternoon met Northern Ireland Security Minister Ian Pearson to express their concerns at reports that the legal powers of the Parades Commission are to be extended to include followers and supporters of Orange Order parades.
18/01/05 Orangemen Warn Security Minister Of Renewed Hate Campaign Against Parades Northern Ireland Security Minister Ian Pearson has promised to look into how the PSNI polices Parades Commission determinations, following a meeting this week with a delegation of senior Belfast Orangemen and Unionist MLAs.
09/01/05 Tyrone Orangemen Press PSNI To Provide More Security For Orange Halls A delegation of senior Tyrone Orangemen has met with the PSNI to raise their concerns about the recent upsurge in attacks on Orange Halls in the county.
06/01/05 Tyrone Orangemen Condemn Arson Attack Orangemen in Tyrone have condemned an arson attack on an Orange Hall at Douglas Bridge – the second such incident in a week.
16/12/04 Orangemen Meet US Envoy The Orange Order has said that it welcomed the opportunity to recently meet Us Special Envoy Mitchel Reiss.
09/07/04 Belfast Orangemen Call On All Unionists To Stand Firm Against Cultural Fascists AFTER AN EMERGENCY meeting held at Clifton Street Orange Hall on Thursday night (8 July) and attended by representatives from all ten districts in the city, the County Grand Orange Lodge of Belfast issued the following statement:
06/07/04 Crazy Parade Ruling Biggest Threat Yet To Peace The Orange Order said today that it feared the Parades Commission’s decision to restrict Monday’s Ballysillan feeder parade in North Belfast could pose an even bigger threat to law and order than last month’s Whiterock ruling which the commission was forced to reverse at the last minute.
25/06/04 Orange Order Delighted With Parades Commission Climb-down Over Whiterock The Orange Order said this evening it was delighted with the climb-down by the Parades Commission over its “arrogant” decision to ban Orangemen from parading along the Springfield Road in West Belfast. 
25/06/04 22 MPs, MLAs & Councillors Call For Parades Commission To Be Disbanded TWENTY TWO leading Belfast politicians from all three Unionist parties – three MPs, nine MLAs, and ten councillors – have signed a declaration demanding action against the Parades Commission decision to ban tomorrow’s Orange Order parade along the Springfield Road.
24/06/04 Chief Constable Accused Of Irresponsibility Over Whiterock Parade NORTHERN IRELAND Chief Constable Hugh Orde has been attacked for gross irresponsibility and sticking his head in the sand over the threat of violence surrounding Saturday’s Whiterock Orange parade.
21/06/04 Parade Ban “A Major Setback For Peace” The Orange Order today accused the Parades Commission of an act of sheer madness that could threaten law and order and raise community tensions in Belfast.
31/05/04 Belfast Orange Leader Appeals For Peace Belfast County Grand Master calls for a peaceful summer.
31/03/04 Orange Order Puts Parading Proposals To
Northern Ireland Affairs Committee
The Orange Order today urged the Government to set up a Freedom of Peaceful Assembly Commission or “Freedom PAC” with powers to control both public parades and any associated protests by local residents.
27/02/04 Republican Propaganda Being Used To Incite Violence Against Parade Republicans in East Belfast have been accused of deliberately trying to raise tensions over a forthcoming Orange Order parade to provide an excuse for street violence and divert attention away from continuing IRA breaches of the Good Friday Agreement.
26/06/03 Belfast Orangemen Call For PSNI Resignations Belfast Orangemen call for PSNI resignations and warn of threat to law and order.
11/03/03 Meeting with the Secretary of State The three Loyal Orders today met the Northern Ireland Secretary, Paul Murphy, to discuss their views on the Quigley Report aimed at resolving the parades issue.
20/01/03 The Way Forward The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland held a very successful Conference last Saturday with over 300 delegates representing the various District Lodges.
12/12/02 Grand Lodge Consultation Process On The Review Of The Parades Commission The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland is engaged in a wide ranging consultation process within the organisation on the Review of the Parades Commission by Sir George Quigley.
08/11/02 Quigley Report Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland makes an initial response to the Review of the Parades Commission by Sir George Quigley.
24/09/02 Glengormley Arch Carnmoney District reacts to the the High Court judgement relative to the Orange Arch in Glengormley.
06/08/02 Parades Commission Double Standards The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland accuses the Parades Commission of double standards in their comments about the Orange parade in Ardoyne on 12th July 2002.
09/07/02 Portadown Orangemen say “lessons must be learned”
Portadown District condemn the violence at Drumcree and say that it is necessary to learn from these events.
07/07/02 Orange Order angry and disgusted at Drumcree violence
The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland expresses anger at today’s violent scenes at Drumcree.
04/07/02 Portadown Orangemen urge Parades Commission Chief to “engage” with them at Drumcree Portadown District have invited the Chairman of the Parades Commission to meet them at Drumcree on Sunday.
01/07/02 Drumcree Church Parade The Orange Order expresses dismay and disappointment at the Parades Commissions refusal to allow Portadown District to return to the centre of Portadown via the Garvaghy Road.
24/06/02 The Zulus are coming….to County Down A group of South African musicians will take centre stage at a number of Orange Order events in Co. Down.
22/06/02 Orange Order criticises police protection for the North Belfast parade The Orange Order has criticised the PSNI for inadequate policing at last nights parade in North Belfast.
28/11/01 Parades Commission Review Grand Lodge welcomes the Review of the Parades Commission by Sir George Quigley.
03/07/01 Parades Commission Ruling On Drumcree The Orange Order is bitterly disappointed at the ruling of the Parades Commission on Drumcree.
04/07/00 Initial Response To Parades Commission Determination – Portadown 9th July 2000 The Parades Commission, in its determination on the Portadown District L.O.L.’s traditional parade, has once again stayed true to the narrow remit scrupulously laid down by a Government that appears committed to the suppression of Orange culture.
08/10/99 Review Of Parades Commission The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland, makes an initial response to the announcement that the Government are “taking stock of the experience of the last two years” with reference to the Parades Commission.
12/06/99 Grand Lodge Support For Portadown District A Statement issued by the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland at Portadown District’s Mini Twelfth Parade on Saturday, 12 June 1999.
04/09/98 Continuing Denial of Civil Liberties The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland reiterates their concern at the continuing denial of civil liberties by the Parades Commission.
03/09/98 Order Seeks Assembly Support The Orange Order solicits the help of Members of the Northern Ireland Assembly in persuading the Government to undertake an immediate review of the Parades Commission.
15/07/98 Position Statement Update Reiteration of our position statement released July 12. We believe people have not fully considered this. It is therefore regrettable that selective quotes have only be used to satisfy media sound bites.
12/07/98 Position Statement The Orange Order is horrified by last night’s tragic murder of the three young boys in Ballymoney.
02/07/98 This open letter to the people of Northern Ireland appeared in the two Morning Newspapers on Thursday 2 July 1998. An open letter addressing the concerns some feel about events over the coming days in respect of traditional Orange parades. In order to assist understanding of our historic culture and noble traditions we wish to outline certain facts which are relevant to the situation.
30/06/98 Boyne Anniversary Parades The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland on the eve of the historic first meeting of the new Northern Ireland Assembly announces its determination to ensure that our traditional parades over the July period occur unhindered and without fear of physical attack.
17/06/98 Sinn Fein/I.R.A. Manipulation Sinn Fein/I.R.A. are manipulating certain resident groups with a view to preventing or impeding Orangemen in the exercise of their civil rights.
16/06/98 Belfast Orange Hall United Districts The Parades Commission’s decision to curtail the route of the Bi-annual North Belfast parade on Friday 19th June 1998 is criticised.
23/04/98 “Parades Commission” – A Failed Concept The farcical events of the last twenty four hours regarding the Parades Commission including the resignation of one of its members has totally vindicated the position of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland.
13/03/98 Parades Survey Welcomed The Order welcomes the report compiled by the Ormeau Road Charter for Change group which confirms what the Orange Institution in Belfast has said for a number of years in relation to parades on the Ormeau Road.
17/10/97 The Parades Commission The publication by Her Majesty’s Government of the views of the Parades Commission is viewed with utter dismay.
17/06/97 Parades Policy The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland at its Meeting on 11 June 1997 issued the following policy statement on parades.
06/03/97 Sinn Fein Presence In Residents Groups The involvement of Sinn Fein in so called Residents Groups opposing Orange Parades has been denounced as a continuing part of the campaign of Ethnic Cleansing against the Protestant people of Ulster.
05/03/97 Sinn Fein Exposed – Again! Last nights R.T.E. programme provided evidence of Sinn Fein/I.R.A. manipulation of the parades situation to heighten community tensions.
05/03/97 Message from the Grand Secretary The facts revealed last night by R.T.E. on their Prime Time Programme would have been very revealing to many people but not to the Senior Officers of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland.